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Building A Network

There is reason to think that sales growth at Ion Concert Media will continue to pick up momentum coming out of the pandemic. While this is excellent news, it also brings into focus one of the biggest challenges we have faced from the start: how to source enough new content to satisfy the demand.


It is true that our sales numbers still are on the small side. And it is also true that our main objective today remains the challenge of ensuring profitability for our existing Content Partners. But with the exception of a few quarters during COVID, our sales numbers point to sustained growth quarter over quarter. Which leads us to conclude that solving the profitability issue for our current Content Partners is simply a function of time, and possibly no longer a worry within the next few quarters.


By contrast, the content acquisition issue is not solved through increased sales, it is made worse. And for this reason we have begun to focus energy and resources on methods to expand our network of content creators.


The objective is not to create competition for you, it is to ensure that as our market exposure expands we have the ability to feed enough new and relevant content to our customers to keep them satisfied. In fact, our product development strategy assumes that if we fail to offer an ever bigger collection of fresh new content on a regular basis, our current customers will lose interest and drift away. If you understand the cost of customer acquisition, you will recognize the importance of keeping a customer once you have them.


In the months ahead you may start to see programs and incentives to attract new content creators. You may also see the company form deep partnerships with studios and academic institutions. And you will likely see Ion Concert Media take steps to share information about trends and best practices. We do not claim to be the most qualified to teach others, but we do recognize that our contact with consumers of Visual Music makes us uniquely qualified to talk about what those consumers want. And from this position we will work to become a recognized thought leader in this space.


We welcome your help in all of this. Here are some ways you can assist:

  • Introduce us to content creators who may have an interest in working with us
  • Connect us with studios or academic programs 
  • Tell us about podcasts, Facebook groups, or other social media opportunities where we could post information
  • Let us know what YOU need from us
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