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Ion Announces New Beta Test Program for Choirs

Muséik was created as a tool to drive video playback in sync with live performances by bands and orchestras in an artistic way. It has been in the market for over a year now and has generated strong praise.

Behind the scenes we have been quietly testing the software as a tool for driving audio files: piano accompaniments for choirs, full band accompaniments for show choirs, and backing tracks for rock bands. The testing has gone very well and we are pleased to report that Muséik has performed beyond our expectations as a Digital Accompaniment Tool.

This spring we installed Muséik in several choir programs for some real world testing. Based on that positive feedback Ion recently announced a full public Choral Accompaniment Beta program that will run now through December 2017. All types of choral ensembles are welcome to participate, including traditional choirs from elementary grades through college, church choirs, community choirs, show choirs, and even musical theater productions.

To see the software being used as a Digital Accompaniment Tool and for more information on the Choral Accompaniment Beta program visit the Ion Concert Media Website.

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