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Muséik 3.0 Launches; Functionality Doubles

Muséik 3.0 Launches; Functionality Doubles

At the beginning of August Ion Concert Media released a significant rebuild of the Muséik platform.

New in version 3.0, Muséik is now optimized to drive digital audio files with the same tempo flexibility and artistic nuance that the software has been known for since its first release in 2015. That means that choirs can now drive piano accompaniments digitally through the software or bands can add tempo flexible backing tracks to their performance. Muséik 3.0 can accommodate eight independent high fidelity audio tracks. Each track can be mixed, muted or solo’d with an onboard mixer. Pitch can be modulated up or down to “tune” the files to a performance.

The original video sync functions have not gone away and Muséik 3.0 retains all the same video synchronization capability. The new version ships with both the video and audio functionalities fully unlocked. Marketing efforts now will use Muséik Cinema™ to refer to the video capabilities and Muséik Continuo™ to describe the new audio capabilities. On the Ion website The Ion Content Library has been expanded to promote titles for both of these product lines. Because the new build offers both audio and video capabilities we expect to see some products come online in the near future that utilize both Cinema™ and Continuo™ at the same time.

In addition to the audio functions, 3.0 also improves the performance of the main Tempo Slider, improves wireless connectivity with the Muséik Remote iPad app, and fixes several known bugs. Muséik 3.0 is bigger, better, and ready to open new markets for Ion Concert Media.

Watch for more news about the rollout of Muséik Continuo™ in the coming weeks.

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