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Scarlett 8i6 (1st Gen)

SKU 03-004

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The Scarlett 8i6 is an audio interface which can send four separate channels of high-quality audio from your computer to your speakers, allowing for a 4.0 surround sound setup.

Audio can be routed from Muséik to the interface using the included USB cable, then from the interface to your mixer/speakers with four 1/4" TRS cables. The 8i6's outputs are balanced, meaning that they reject noise and interference even over long cable runs and in areas with high electromagnetic activity.

If you're looking for an easy, professional solution to use surround sound audio with Muséik, we at Ion wholeheartedly recommend the Scarlett 8i6!

(Note: the free Scarlett MixControl software is required to use the 8i6. Windows users will also need the free driver available from that same page)