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Profitable Partnerships

A rising tide should lift all boats. We firmly believe this at Ion Concert Media. As our company finds success we want to do what we can to help our composer and music publisher partners in their success.

We are above all a film distribution company and as such the bulk of royalties we pay must go to the digital media content providers. As a result, the Pairing Fee we offer to publishers is modest. But we hope it proves our commitment to working with you, not against you.

Beyond that, there are other ways we are willing to partner with you in an effort to increase our royalty obligations to you. These partnerships are extremely valuable to us and we are very willing to negotiate terms on a per case basis.


Behind this rather vague offer is a clear recognition on our part:  the customer will always listen to what the composer or publisher has to say much more than they will listen to us. Partner with us on a promotional effort and we will bend over backward to make it worth your time.


Drop us a line to get a conversation started. Let's work together to raise everybody's boats.


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