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We make the Muséik software available for free to all of our customers. Click the link below to place an order and download it.

$79.00/yr value



The world's most advanced digital sync solution.

Pronounced mew-ZAY-ik
Think about it. Every other system in your hall has the ability to pretty much stay out of your way. So why do we continue to put up with sync solutions that dictate our tempi, where we can and can't start in the score, and pretty much the entire flow of a rehearsal? Muséik was designed by musicans to fit your workflow. Just conduct, Muséik will take care of the rest.
Computers make lousy stand partners, especially if they are set up in the control booth. Muséik behaves exactly like a musical instrument. Set it up on stage and the human operator can participate in the unspoken communication that occurs in live performance. The nuance and artistry possible in your digital sync will amaze you and thrill your audience.
Whatever project brought you to Muséik, we are sure there is more for you to discover. It is a powerful and flexible tool with applications in the classoroom, rehearsal hall, control booth, and even at-home practice sessions. We invite you to explore all Muséik has to offer.

Innovative. Simple. Powerful.



Since 2015

Muséik 3.0 launched in August, 2021.

500+ Shows

Big and small, near and far. Muséik has driven it.
Top Rated
We dare you to try Muséik and not become a fan.



With Muséik there are no click tracks, no time codes and no bumpers & streamers. Just freedom to play at any tempo and have your digital files follow naturally. Muséik treats digital assets as if they were a musical instrument using an embedded score and a simple slider. And its easy. A perfect sync is possible with a laptop computer and twenty minutes of practice.


Grab and go from our library of pre-licensed content, or drive your own assets with our technology.


Muséik drives video and audio. Plus, it can deliver perfectly timed lighting or other stage cues.

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MUSÉIK: One platform, many applications

Sync Video

Sync video up to 4K resolution. Simply load the .ion file and hit "Play." Use the tempo slider to control the playback speed and the scrolling score to monitor your sync. Learn more here.

Sync Stage Cues

Muséik can deliver dedicated stage cues to the light board, sound booth, stage manager, and more. Each of eight independent audio channels can be mapped to the desired location or broadcast over the Coms channel. Let Muséik call your next show. Learn more here.

Sync Audio - Accompaniments

There are many digital accompaniment products out there, but Muséik takes the concept to a new level. Muséik offers easy tempo syncing, performance grade audio, eight (8) independently mutable and mappable channels, a scrolling reference score, and more. Muséik is excellent at driving piano accompaniments or full ensemble audio and is perfect for choir rehearsals, solo and ensemble contests and at-home practice. Learn more here.

Sync Audio - SFX and Backing Tracks

Muséik can deliver dialog and SFX in video files, but it can also drive backing tracks that are perfectly syncd to the rest of the ensemble. Imagine playing with pro grade backing tracks and not being limited by a click track. With Muséik it's not just possible, it's easy! Learn more here.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Ion Content Library?

The Ion Content Library is a collection of pre-licensed digital content available to be screened at your next concert through the Muséik platform. It is a hassle-free way to add a unique element to your shows.

Do you accept school purchase orders?

Yes. Add items to your cart. When you have finished shopping go to your cart. Scroll to the bottom of the cart page and select "Generate Purchase Order." 

What equipment do I need?

Muséik is available for Mac and Windows machines. Minimum computer specs are a 2 GHz processor and 8 GB of RAM. To drive large high res films we recommend a video card. To drive audio you will need to connect your computer to an external sound system (your computer speakers will likely not be powerful enough). An iPad is optional as a wireless controller (it does not replace the computer).

Can I use my own content?

Yes!  You are welcome to drive your own content through Muséik. But first it needs to be converted to a .ion file. Drop us a line and let us know your plans and we will be happy to help you.

Can I share accompaniment files with my students?

Yes! When you add a product to your cart that includes an accomapniment track you will be prompted to add Muséik for Teams to your order. By adding Muséik for Teams to any title you will be able to share accompaniment tracks with all your students.

Where can I get more help?

Check out our Help Center. It is filled with help documents and video tuorials on dozens of topics. Or, drop us a line by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner of any page. We are very proud of our customer service and will be happy to help in any way we can.

Are You Ready To Level Up?

Get Muséik for FREE today. No credit card required.

Case Study: The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

In 2019 composer Jocelyn Hagen premiered "The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci," a multi-media symphony for chorus, orchestra and projected visuals. In many ways this work could be described as part of a brand new genre.

When the composer concieves of the score and the digital media as a unified whole where both elements are artistic equals, magic starts to happen. "Notebooks" has been produced dozens of times from coast to coast and every night the audience goes away knowing they witnessed something different and very exciting.

We think that what those audiences witness is a glimpse of the future.

Photo: "The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci" with Vox Femina Chorus and Orchestra in Los Angeles

Case Study: The Mozart Effect LIVE

When Linus Entertainment set out to create a multimedia symphonic show based on the popular book "The Mozart Effect" by Don Campbell, they needed a way to synchronize the film to the music. Muséik was selected for its flexibility and easy set-up. But the producers quickly realized it can do much more than just drive video. Today the show tours the world as a Driven By Muséik™ production, with our software controlling the video, SFX, lighting cues and live camera cues.

Case Study: Nazareth Area High School Choirs

During the COVID-19 pandemic every educator scrambled to find workable solutions to new teaching challenges.  Kelly Rocchi, Choral Director at Nazareth Area High School in Nazareth, PA deployed Muséik as part of our private beta test program. In the video you can see her use the software to drive the piano accompaniment. She also has a digital keyboard handy to plunk out some pitches and parts.  
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Ion Concert Media is the future. The world has been synchronizing digital media to live concerts for decades, but we go beyond the sync.  With Muséik your digital files don't just sync, they dance. Your concerts aren't just technologically sound, they are magical.

Richard Wagner had what he called "Gesamtkustwerke" (total artwork). Walt Disney had his Imagineers. Both men recognized the power of truly immersive audience experiences. 

Modern concerts often strive to be immersive, but when the music is locked to the tempo of the digital components a big part of the magic that is live music is sacrificed.

We think it is time to create audience experiences that are immersive and alive. Muséik can do that.

About Our Sync

The Concept
Company founder Scott Winters is a conductor who became very tired of click tracks and all the other clumsey media sync solutions that ruin the magic of live music. He wanted the digital elements in his shows to be a part of the same dance with the musicians.  So he set out to develop a tool that fit into his fast-paced and sometimes chaotic workflow on the podium. Muséik is the result; a digital sync platform that behaves almost exacltly like a musical instrument.
The Method
The key to the Muséik sync is the scrolling score in the user interface that always lets the operator know where he or she is. Muséik goes way beyond offering rehearsal marks and periodic cue points. By watching the score scroll under the red "Now" bar the operator always knows precisely how the media is syncd to the music. A simple thumb slider is used to adjust the playback speed of the media,  ensuring a perfect sync that really does dance with the music in real time.
The Magic

When Muséik is controlled wirelessly with an iPad the level of control and nuance achieved goes to a whole new level. It feels just like playing a musical instrument. And like any other instrument, it will respond to the skill and mastery of the operator. Muséik opens a whole new palette of time-based expression for your digital files. If that sounds strange it may be that you have never experienced the expressive power of digital files that are free to move in real time.  Give Muséik a try and find out for yourself why it has been described as magic more than a few times.


Make no mistake, Ion Concert Media is not just another software company. We have big plans and a huge vision. Some might say a vision as big as Richard Wagner or Walt Disney. But it is not our vision; it is their vision updated for the 21st century.

Machinery and technology have offered many benefits to live performances over the centuries. Now it is time to melt away the clunky, restrictive limitations of those tools. It is time to infuse them with the same magical expression found in live music and dance. It is time to improve on the concept of immersive concert experiences. It is time to finish what Dick and Walt started. Muséik is the key. The click is dead. Long Live Muséik.




Replace Click Tracks

Muséik syncs digital media in a musical, artistic, and expressive way - every show, everywhere.


Redefine Affordability

Adding multimedia to a show is no longer a premium activity. Muséik is an affordable option for every performance, all season long.


Re-Imagine Digital Content

The power and precision of Muséik fosters a new generation of multimedia works that take immersive concert experiences to a whole new level.

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