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A Child's Garden of Dreams

UGC 90098V

TECH SPECS: A Child's Garden of Dreams is a Mac-only show.



SPECIAL OFFER!! The film for "A Child's Garden of Dreams" is in its consortium premiere window through December 31, 2023. During this time the consortium will remain open to new members. A consortium fee of $500 includes a premiere performance, written credit as a consortium member in the film credits and written documentation, the film, the Muséik software, personalized training on the software, and concierge tech support for your performance. Contact us for more details.

At the premiere performance of this film an audience member remarked, "I have heard this work many times but the visuals helped me truly understand the music for the first time tonight." Featuring newly created illustrations by Andrew Overn and original pastel drawings by the composer himself, this film sticks very close to the character and spirit of Maslanka's music while offering a powerful visual telling of the "stories" behind the notes. At turns rhythmic and dreamlike and always beautiful, this film is an important new addition to the repertoire.


1. Synchronized film

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PASTELS: David Maslanka

Commissioned By

Lead Commissioner: Dr. Andrew Hunter and the University of Texas at El Paso Wind Symphony

Consortium Members:

  • Timothy Shade, Wichita State University Wind Ensemble
  • Michael Hancock, University of Central Arkansas Wind Ensemble
  • Catherine Rand, University of Southern Mississippi Wind Ensemble
  • Donald J. Lefevre, West Texas A&M University
  • Matthew Sadowski, University of California - Berkeley University Wind Ensemble
  • Sarah McKoin, Texas Tech University Symphonic Wind Ensemble
  • Trae Blanco, Butler University School of Music Wind Ensemble
  • Justin C. Davis, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Wind Ensemble
  • Thomas Duffy, Yale University Bands
  • Christopher Woodruff, California Polytechnic State University Wind Ensemble
  • Mark A. Norman, Piedmont Wind Symphony
  • Chet Jenkins, Cedarville University Wind Symphony