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Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

UGC 70095VE



RUNTIME: 40 minutes

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood is a new creation by critically acclaimed Brooklyn-based production company Giants Are Small, giving an invigorating new perspective on Prokofiev's classic. The live production is an unforgettable journey of classical music and visual wonder, with a narrator, an optional live Foley artist creating all the sound effects on stage. The production is based on the award-winning app and album co-produced by Deutsche Grammophon.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood is sold in two configuartions:

a) A fully produced show complete with production manager and live Foley artist,
b) A "do-it-yourself" version in which all sound effects are produced digitally through the Muséik platform.

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1. Synchronized Film
2. Narration and SFX
3. Optional live Foley artist

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FILM: Produced by Giants Are Small