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Sea Creatures

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Are you looking for a unique addition to your next family program? Daniel Kallman's "Sea Creatures" is an excellent choice. It is available in wind octet or full orchestra editions, features excellent writing, contains a great message, and now it has an accompanying film.

Ion Concert Media has created an animated film closely synchronized to the music. The narrations are paired with live footage of sharks and eels and puffer fish and more. The music is enriched with animated sequences of sea creatures that were hand drawn by students of the Wichita Public Schools. The result is a film that is both educational and magical for audiences of any age.

This work was commissioned by the Wichita Symphony.


1. Synchronized Film
2. Pre-recorded narrations

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FILM: Scott Winters, animator (2021). Hand drawn images created by students of the Wichita Public Schools. Special thanks to Marcia Scurfield, Visual Arts Curriculum Coach for Wichita Public Schools, for coordinating the student artwork submissions. Film commissioned by the Wichita Symphony.

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