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Ion's Muséik Software to be Featured in Concert at St Olaf College

Ion's Muséik Software to be Featured in Concert at St Olaf College


On Saturday, October 9 the St. Olaf Choir and St. Olaf Orchestra will join forces to present Jocelyn Hagen's multi-media symphony, "The Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci."

This 35-minute work for chorus, orchestra and projected visuals pushes the boundary of what it means to be an immersive multimedia live event and has dazzled audiences from coast to coast since it's premiere in early 2019.

Ion Concert Media's Muséik software allows the accompanying film to be carefully syncd to the live music, creating moments where the music and visuals dance intimately together on stage. 

"This is easily the most complicated media sync we have ever attempted with the software," says Ion Concert Media CEO Scott Winters. 

He added, "[Past] audiences have been left in awe; it's a pretty powerful work."

Image from "The Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci"

Minneapolis-based composer Jocelyn Hagen struck on the idea of basing the work on the writings and artwork of DaVinci after visiting an exhibit of the Codex Leicester at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. 

The score's libretto is built using quotes from the notebooks of DaVinci while the accompanying film features the artist's drawings and handwriting animated in time with the music.  The resulting composition has been described as a meditation on the value and importance of knowledge and creativity; in many ways a timely theme for today's world. 

"Everyone will enjoy this piece," says Jon Lewis, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Symphony. "[It] opened my eyes and ears to a new way of experiencing music."

The work was commissioned jointly by the Metropolitan Symphony and Minnesota Chorale and was premiered in March, 2019. It then went on a multi-city tour around the United States before COVID came. The concert at St. Olaf will be the first presentation of the work post-pandemic.

Saturday, October 9    2021
Skoglund Auditorium, St Olaf College, Northfield MN
Free Admission
Event Details


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