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  • Upcoming Events
    janvier 17, 2024 Ion Concert Media Inc

    Upcoming Events

    The busy spring concert season is upon us. We want to share some details about the many Muséik-driven concerts on the calendar. We're very proud to have been involved in hundreds of concerts at middle schools, high schools, colleges and professional ensembles around...

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  • octobre 5, 2022 Ion Concert Media Inc

    Searching for Ion Products at J.W. Pepper

    Did you know that we sell our multimedia products through J.W. Pepper? Now you can pick up scores and their accompanying films all in one purchase! Here's how: FROM THE SCORE PRODUCT PAGE If a score has an accompanying multimedia component...

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  • We Have A New Website!
    août 17, 2021 Ion Concert Media Inc

    We Have A New Website!

    Ion Concert Media is coming into the new school year strong with tons of new content and a brand new website. Our refreshed e-commerce website was launched in late July and includes many upgrades.  We are most excited by the...

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  • Ion Adds A New Distributor
    août 17, 2021 Ion Concert Media Inc

    Ion Adds A New Distributor

         Ion Concert Media of Minneapolis, MN and Midwest Sheet Music of Maryland Heights, MO have announced a new distribution agreement which will see Ion products offered for sale through the Midwest Sheet Music catalog.       This new distribution...

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    février 14, 2021 Ion Concert Media Inc


    The year is 2015. Conductor and educator Scott Winters has a prototype of some software that has been received very well by a few orchestras and has been called “original and elegant” by the director of the MIT Media Lab....

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