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Short Ride in a Fast Machine

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The Short Ride in a Fast Machine animation is a music education tool that visually explains the internal workings of John Adams’ minimalist orchestral composition. The three music education areas that the animation focuses on are: pulse, ostinato and rhythm. The visual landscape of the Short Ride in a Fast Machine animation was informed and inspired by extensive research carried out by Victor Craven. He incorporates the Hindu Sri Yantra mandala, said to represent the whole of existence. Craven imaginines the Sri Yantra coming to life and representing the driving force and source of power for John Adams’ Fast Machine. A second design element, meant to represent the “machine,” is a stylized spaceship influenced by the overall shape of the orchestra and made from the component parts of the orchestral instruments featured in the work. If Craven’s “machine” recalls images of the spaceship from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, you are not mistaken.


1. Synchronized Film

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FILM: Victor Craven

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