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Matrox QuadHead2Go

par Matrox
UGC 02-004


RATE: $100.00 per week


Matrox QuadHead2Go Q155.  This 5.5x7x1.5 unit is a plug-and-play video wall controller.  It can take a single video feed and split it into various multi-screen configurations, including:

3x1 1x3 2x1 1x2 2x2


Julie Giroux's Symphony VI: Blue Marble.  El Paso Winds, Dr. Bradley Genevro conducting

Rental includes the Matrox box and power brick only. Client is responsible for providing all necessary projectors, screens, cables and signal converters.

The unit will be pre-configured for your show before shipping so that making the cable connections is all that is required in the hall.


$100 per week (partial weeks billed as full weeks) 

Shipping and handling calculated at time of rental

$200 security deposit


Matrox Product Page

Matrox Powerwall Software download (it is very unlikely you will need to install this software)

Connections: One (1) HDMI in, four (4) HDMI out, power supply. 

Dimensions: W: 5 1/2"   L: 7"   D: 1 1/12"   

Weight: 9 lbs with road case and power brick

Rental of this equipment includes tech support from the Ion Support Team. You may also contact Matrox directly for phone or chat support.

NOTE: The Matrox Quadhead2go unti is compatible with Mac or Windows computers, but the software to set-up and configure the unit is Windows only. The unit will be pre-configured so that the client should not need to worry about access to a Windows machine.

NOTE: While the Matrox box makes complex video wall configurations a simple plug-and-play installation, please remember that video wall projections are always a rather advanced production element. Please allow ample time for testing in your hall on the show equipment and build in extra time for troubleshooting at each set-up. Ion Concert Media is not responsible for non-performance of the equipment unless it is proven the non-performance was due to a failure of the Matrox unit itself.