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The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

UGC 70094V



RUNTIME: 30 minutes

Yes it is cliché, but you really do need to see this work to believe it. Composer Jocelyn Hagen set out from the beginning to create a multimedia symphony that would be driven by the Muséik technology. Not only is that a first for our young company, but it also resulted in a very unique artistic product. First, it is impossible to talk about just the film or just the score; they were conceived and produced as a unified whole. One really cannot be discussed without the other. Second, because Jocelyn and the film makers knew that Muséik can sync just about anything, they were not limited in how intimate the dance between score and film could be. Sections of this 30 minute work contain the most detailed micro-sync we have ever seen. And finally - and most importantly - there is the music and the film: GORGEOUS. INNOVATIVE. POWERFUL. RICH WITH MEANING. The Notebooks of Leonardo daVinci left audiences stunned and in awe night after night in its impressive 13-city premiere tour. This is an important work that truly moves the needle in the multimedia repertoire. Call to request a quote.


1. Synchronized Film

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FILM: Produced and directed by Jocelyn Hagen. Isaac Gale and Joseph Midthun, film makers